“Thank you for inviting me to participate in your Beta testing. I joined as a Jet Setter and immediately
received four matches for my next trip from Washington DC to Dallas Texas. I met two amazing Texans
on that trip and now I'm definitely mixing business with pleasure – I can’t wait to travel again.”

Andrew P, Jet Setter in Washington DC, USA.

“OMG! I joined in February and invited all of my friends to join too. I’m now a Diamond Member and can't
wait to receive $120 cash in my PayPal account. Your Rewards Program really ROCKS! (BTW met some
very cool people too!) Thanks guys”

Kylee R, Jet Seeker in Melbourne, Australia.

“My social life is on the up. I’m being treated like a Princess at all of the top clubs and restaurants in LA”
Amberleee S, Jet Seeker in LA, USA.

“Fun, easy to use and good value”
Richard T, Jet Setter in London, UK.

“Met three Jet Setters last month. Already doing business with one from Europe and good friends with
the other from Johannesburg.”
Alvin K, Jet Seeker in Singapore.

“Been a road-warrior for years and the days of dinner for one every night are over for me - I’m meeting
new people on every trip and loving it. Actually, I didn’t know that there were so many nice guys and
gals out there.”
Dan T, Jet Setter in Denver, Colorado.

“a great way to meet classy new people from around the world for business and pleasure”
Aaradhya S, Jet Seeker in Delhi, India.