I am a Jet Setter      

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    You're successful in life, the highflyer who spends all that time away from home – but with that success often comes a lonely hotel room and a dinner table-for-one.

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    Just a few simple clicks to sign-up as a Jet Setter on ImFlyingIn.com. You are now in good company with other Jet Setters from around the world.

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    You update your profile, enter your upcoming travel schedules and manage your social preferences.

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    Before your next trip you sign-in and decide if you’re going to meet other Jet Setters, Jet Seekers or maybe even both.

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    You chat online and make arrangements to meet your connections at your destination city. You grab a limo to the airport and hop aboard.

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    Well, now it's up to you how you take it from here. Have fun!